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Stainless steel quick toggle latch

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Update time : 2021-01-05 17:40:14

1. What is Stainless steel quick toggle latch?


Stainless steel quick-lock hasp refers to a kind of hasp lock that can be opened and closed relatively quickly, or a kind of quick clamp. Stainless steel quick-lock buckles are mainly used for sheet metal cabinets, cabinets and other special equipment. It is used to fasten two objects quickly.


Usually, this type of stainless steel quick-lock buckle needs to be opened and closed frequently. The opening and closing are more frequent, and the fastening degree needs to be reached when fastening.


In order to achieve this function, this stainless steel quick-lock buckle developed by us can meet the requirements.



2. What material is used for the quick toggle latch?


Stainless steel quick lock latches are generally made of stainless steel or steel. If the quality is better, they will be produced in the form of stainless steel casting.


The stainless steel quick-locking latch we currently develop is made of 304 stainless steel, using die stamping technology. 


This production method has both economy and quality requirements, which saves costs for customers, it meets functional requirements and is economical.



3. What production process is used for stainless steel quick toggle latch?


We recommend that the stainless steel quick toggle latch adopts the mold stamping process. The mold stamping process is also a process we are good at.


The mold master has 20 years of mold production experience. Who familiar with the production of such products, and the cooperation between the parts is very suitable. Pursue perfection in details, and strive to make a stronger toggle latch.

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