The Function Description Of The Small Toggle Latch

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The function description of the small toggle latch:


1. Function of fast fastening and releasing


One of the main functions of this small hardware lock is that it can be fastened and released quickly. Therefore, many customers often call it a quick clamp, which is also a basic function of the small hardware lock.


The big reason why customers choose this form of latch is also because the function can be fastened and released quickly.

Draw latch

2. Powerful pressing function


Sometimes, customers' equipment doors need to be tightly closed, even sealing, soundproofing, explosion-proof and other requirements, so having an urgent function is the most basic requirement for a small hardware lock.


We are in a lot of communication with customers In the process, it was found that 85% of customers need to have similar sealing, sound insulation, explosion-proof functions for their own equipment. 


And this small hardware lock has a good powerful pressing function, whether it is in a field with a high frequency of opening and closing, or a situation that requires a long-term static and tight state, this small hardware lock can be competent.

toggle fasteners

3. The latch is specially designed to be directly fastened to the object


The special bending design of the fasteners part can be directly fastened to the object. For some box equipment with latch grooves, the installation of a toggle latch base can be omitted. So it is an improved design.

Mini latch

toggle clamp

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