Characteristics And Scope Of Application Of Horizontal Toggle Latch

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Update time : 2018-05-29 14:17:41
Fixture features:
The structure is simple, the installation is convenient, the clamping is fast and convenient, and the operation is convenient. Clamping fast and flexible, clamping force, safe and reliable, high working efficiency, greatly reducing the processing of various parts, assembly, fixed, stable clamping force, safe and reliable, high working efficiency, greatly reducing the processing, assembly, fixed, clamping operation of the time, so the parts after electroplating anti rust treatment, table The surface is clean and beautiful, so that it has higher strength and wear resistance.
Application scope:
It is widely used in the manufacture of electronic parts and communication equipment, the plate gold of the automobile, the frame, the treadle, the fixture set of the iron pipe, the production of the sports equipment, the assembly of the aircraft, the qualitative of the PU molding, the fixed fixture for the processing and assembly of the parts and components of the toy and handicraft processing plants, and the prevention of the deformation of the finished products by plastic. Wood processing plants related to parts such as planing, milling, tapping, etc. Chemical testing, the connection of industrial pipelines, and the opening and closing of the bucket cover, and the various kinds of fixed clamps that require a fixed clamp to complete or work when the production involves the need to be fixed.
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