How Long Can The Stainless Steel Toggle Latch Be Used?

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Update time : 2020-06-18 08:24:14

How long can a stainless steel toggle latch be used? 


When most customers ask this question, we all need to explain clearly to many factors. 

Because the length of time that the stainless steel latch is used is actually closely related to the environment and frequency of use. 

If we look at our production experience and test results alone, usually a stainless steel latch can be used for nearly 5 years. 

If it is stationary after installation, the service life will be longer.


If it is used outdoors, and the frequency of use is also high, this time should be at most about 5 years. 

Most of the customers we already know use stainless steel toggle latches in the indoor. 

In the indoor, the frequency of use is very low. 

Some even open and close several times in a year or two. 

At this time, the service life of the stainless steel toggle latches can be greatly increased.

So, how long can a stainless steel fastener latch be used? 

It depends on the customer's actual environment and frequency of use.

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