Brief introduction of electric box lock

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Update time : 2018-03-29 11:02:47

  The utility model discloses a simple lock structure of an electric box, the key points of the technical scheme, which comprises a box body bottom shell and a box cover, the box cover is fixedly provided with a buckle groove, the bottom of the box body shell is provided with a fixed base, a fixed seat is provided with a through shaft hinged movable connecting piece, a movable connecting piece. Connected by the movable lock ring and a buckle slot, a movable connecting piece are integrally formed, a movable connecting piece is provided with a groove, a movable lock ring embedded directly into the groove, the fixed seat and the bottom of the box body bottom shell is fixedly connected with the fixed seat on both sides of the bottom extending convex, movable connecting piece and the fixed seat on the back of conflict, the fixed seat and a convex form the contact surface, and the connecting piece shape with the shape matching.

The simple locking and buckle structure of the electric box of the utility model is easy to install, simple in structure, and to reduce the production cost.

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