How to install the hardware toggle?

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How to install the hardware toggle?

Toggle latch, most is planar installation, namely latch body and button are installed in the same plane, this kind of installation is simpler, the product has reserved installation hole, according to the size of installation hole to open hole installation.


When installing, the point that needs to pay attention to is, door of industrial box body can have seal strip commonly, the compression allowance that needs to calculate seal strip when installing, decide latch body and the proper distance between button thereby.


The actual installation process is also relatively simple, as long as a little attention to margin control can be.In addition to the flat installation, there are vertical installation of the structure, this is called the vertical quick clamp.


Another way of installation is welding installation, this metal latch installation is not easy to maintain, it is not easy to remove and replace, generally used for outdoor installation, or some special equipment installation, such as the garbage truck installed in the sanitation car adjustable latch lock.

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