Vertical quick toggle clamps

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Update time : 2020-12-14 16:23:13

Vertical quick toggle clamps


The origin of this product name is that when the product is clamped, the position of the operating handle is perpendicular to the ground plane. 


At present, our company has developed more than 20 types of vertical quick clamps. The clamping force of the smallest type is about 45 kg and the holding force of the largest type is about 420 kg. 


"Vertical Quick Clamps" have been widely used in mechanical parts manufacturing, electronic component manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing and other industries, and the production of products from all walks of life in the industry requires welding, machining, mold processing, and testing. 


Some light industrial machinery also lists some models as standard parts of the drive mechanism. 


The "vertical quick clamp" can meet the needs of a variety of positioning and clamping forms, such as lateral positioning and clamping, hole positioning and clamping, and vertical positioning and clamping.

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